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What is myAccount?

myAccount is a single access point for secure online services (excluding ROS) such as PAYE Anytime, Jobs and Pensions, LPT, HRI and many more using a single login and password.

Single password for your secure tax services
Secure and verified, keeping your identity safe online
Same day access using text or email
MyGovID: you can also sign in to myAccount with your MyGovID details if you have a MyGovID verified account.

Who can register?

  • Individuals who are not registered for ROS.
  • This mainly includes:
  • PAYE taxpayers
  • LPT taxpayers
  • Business customers who do
    not have an active digital
    certificate for ROS
  • New taxpayers

What can I do?

PAYE Anytime logo
Manage my taxes

Manage your tax credits, declare income, claim refunds and view your Revenue record.

Form 12 logo
Submit a PAYE tax return

Submit a return of income and claim for tax credits.

LPT logo
Pay my property tax

File or pay your local property tax and manage household charge arrears.

HRI logo
Claim tax relief on home renovations

Claim tax relief on the renovation of a property.

Inbox logo
Check my messages

Tell us your query and we will get back to you.

More tools logo
And much more.

What do I need to register?

1PPS number

2Date of Birth

3Mobile number or landline number

4Email address

5Home address

To get instant access, verify your
identity with 2 of the following:
  • Irish driving licence number
  • Information from your P60
  • Information from your Income Tax
    notice of assessment or acknowledgement
    of self assessment
Step 1 :
the registration form
Step 2 :
Enter your
temporary password
Step 3 :
a new password