ROS Login Recovery

This option can be used by ROS Administrators who are experiencing issues logging into ROS due to password problems, lost digital certificate files or an expired digital certificate.
Please ensure that you have followed the instructions here before you proceed.

If the ROS digital certificate is active (not expired), it will be revoked.
All linked sub-user access, including Customs clearance and web-services, will be unavailable until you successfully download and save a replacement certificate.

To use this option, you must have ROS digital certificate security questions in place
Why are security questions required?

A ROS system password will be sent to the email address or mobile number on record in the ROS Administrator Profile.

Are you applying in your capacity as:

To apply for a new password, please enter your appropriate tax registration details here:

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What is this?

To apply for a new password in your capacity as a tax agent, enter your TAIN here:

What is this?

To apply for a new password in your capacity as a LPT receiver, enter your receiver No. here:

What is this?
If you have already received your new System Password, click on the button below to download your new certificate