Changing Your Settings

The step-by-step process is outlined below.
Internet Explorer
  1. On the Internet Options window select the General tab by clicking it, and then click Settings in the Temporary Internet Files area.
  2. In the Settings dialog box, where it says "Check for new versions of stored pages", click Every visit to the page. Then click OK and click OK on the Internet Options window.
  1. There is no way to alter this setting though the menu options in FireFox.
  2. To change alter this setting you will need to type about:config into the URL address bar and press enter.
  3. Accept the warning message, this brings up the preference pane.
  4. In the filter field type browser.cache.check_doc_frequency
  5. Change the value of this preference to 1.

  1. There is no way to alter this setting though the menu options in Chrome.
  2. To ensure you are viewing a new version of the page do the following: Hold down the CTRL & SHIFT keys, and press R.

  1. This can be done in one of two ways and must be done each time you want to view a new version of the page:
  2. Hold down the Command and Shift keys, and press R.
  3. Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload toolbar button.

After you have deleted the temporary internet files and changed your settings, close out of your browser and open it up again (this is important in order for the changes you have made to be recognised).

NOTE: After your homepage comes up again, do not go to ROS using favourites or shortcuts. You must click into the address bar and type Again this is in order that the browser take account of the changes you have made.

To Print this page, click on the right mouse button and select the Print option.