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Customs Roll-on/Roll-off

Create Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN)

Fill in the following information in order to create a PBN ID

Enter contact details to receive vehicle channel via text message or email

Example: 0871234567 or +447123456789 (International format)

Please add the MRNs for each declaration that covers the goods that you are carrying and/or the authorisation no. for empty, return packaging and/or the CN37 code for postal movements or authorisation for Piggyback trailer or ATA Carnet

Where movement under any of the following apply: Temporary Admission requiring a non-electronic declaration, Transfer of Business, Transfer of Residence, Goods acquired by inheritance, Other; email:

This is a required field

If you have an issue with the creation of your PBN, email:

Visit for further info

Disclaimer: The PBN status is based on the accuracy and completeness of the data you have provided in your PBN. All MRNs must be added to the PBN where required and the correct movement type must be selected. Failure to present all goods to customs and departing the customs control area without customs clearance is a serious offence and may attract significant sanction, including prosecution.