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There are 3 Steps to becoming a ROS customer. All three steps must be completed before you can access ROS.
  • If you wish to view your own personal tax details or if you wish to file your tax returns on-line you must first apply to become a ROS customer.
  • You must also apply if you are a tax agent or receiver and require access to view the records or file returns on behalf of your clients. To ensure that your client list is up to date please contact the relevant tax office.
  • When you successfully apply, a letter will be issued to you with your personal ROS access number. This number will enable you to proceed.
    3 Steps to Becoming a ROS Customer
Step 1: Apply for your ROS Access Number (RAN) Apply for your RAN
Step 2: Apply for your Digital Certificate
Apply for your Digital Certificate
Step 3: Retrieve your Digital Certificate Retrieve your Digital Certificate

    Revenue On-Line Services Requirements
ROS Requirements ROS Requirements  

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